Friday, March 20, 2009

i'm not sure why...

but i have been so moody. it's not that time.. the only thing i can think of is that i might be homesick.
i love it here, i really do. i love daniel and his family, they are all wonderful... but the littlest thing makes me so mad! i've always had a short fuse it seems like, and as i get older, it gets shorter. i hate that because i take things out on daniel, and he gets upset (of course).. and i can only apologize so much.

it's just.. i miss lisa, my mom, and the kids terribly. i'm not 15 minutes away anymore, and believe me, i thought a LOT about that before i came here. i would love to just go visit them, but it's not that easy now.
and another thing, i could've stayed in west virginia, and if i would have put up a fight, i'm sure daniel would have stayed longer. BUT i know that coming here made him happy. and that's very important to me. also, if i would've stayed, i don't know that i could have stayed without daniel.

i don't know. i need to pray about it and think more about it, and try to control getting aggrevated and mad over every little thing. maybe just be by myself for a little while everyday will help.

other than that, things are great. i'm still looking for a job, but it'll come in time.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


i got my follower back!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

on the move

moving went pretty smoothly and the goodbye's weren't as bad as i had thought they would be. i miss lisa, her kids, and my mom like CRAZY but it's really not bad here. that helps a lot.

packing was the worst part, it took so long. and loading the truck, but that's because it was just me, daniel, and jimmy (my brother in law). when we unpacked, we had 3 extra people, so it went by a LOT faster.

everything, for the most part, is put away.
and daniel finally has his big tv set up and we have direct tv now. and some channels are in HD, so it's pretty nice.

i'm looking for a job now. well, i have been looking, but it's so much easier now that we have internet. last night, i put in some resume's and i emailed my resume, too.

danny's formula's been switched because WIC here has Enfamil instead of Similac. i've heard that it can make babies more constipated, but so far, he hasn't spit up as much. and if you look at the two, Enfamil is much more fine and looks like it would be easier for the baby to digest.
on the upside, though, if danny does get constipated, hopefully i can just give him juice and it'll help him use the bathroom. it's worked before, so i hope it's no different now.

danny's awake, so i'm going to go change him and i'll be back on later.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


i have a gorgeous baby!
and he's so happy all the time! i am so blessed!

we're here... and i FINALLY got internet.

after a week and a half of waiting for at&t internet, we finally got hooked up today --with a different provider. they told us 4 times that it would be hooked up a certain day and it never was hooked up, so we cancelled it.

i'm going to post more later, and also some pictures.

my computer has a virus, i think, so we're going to go get some anti virus something... anyone have any suggestions on what's good?