Tuesday, April 28, 2009

doctor appointment and other stuff

danny's been sick since he got his first tooth... it started 2 days before he turned 8 months, and that was the 9th. so we're talking almost 3 weeks. we took him to his pediatrician today. the pediatrician said he's got a virus that can last 3-4 weeks and he should be getting better soon. he's not as bad as he was, so he's been getting better very gradually, but of course i was just worried because the symptoms were just hanging on and hanging on.

and come to find out, he hasn't had his 6 month shots, so when we go back next week, he has to have those. i hope he does as good as he has in the past with shots. he never really cried a whole lot.

we went to the chinese place and ate. i feel kinda guilty when we go out to eat cause neither of us have a job.. but we don't do it often. oh well... something's gotta come up soon!

so does anyone agree that ryan gosling and charles kelly look alike??
ryan gosling(from The Notebook) and charles kelly (from the group Lady Antebellum)
the notebook was on the other day and while i was watching it, i kept thinking about what he would sound like when he sings. and i thought of charles kelly....
just like when i see anything with tyra banks, i think she must sing like beyonce. i don't know why.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

i'm not sure what to say

i'm pretty emotional right now...

i've been following this blog, Kayleigh's Story.
kayleigh is a micro preemie and she's had a lot of ups and downs... right now, she's not doing well at all and it breaks my heart to know what she's going through. i dread logging on here because i don't want a bad update. i know that sounds bad, but the reason is because it pains me to know that those two wonderful people are dealing with this. i pray for them. i think about them all the time.
i look at danny and just cannot imagine what i would do without him. since the beginning, i have been extremely lucky with him. he's so strong and so healthy and i cherish every second i get with him.

please please pray for little kayleigh and her family.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

guess not

lisa's been talking to me thru text messages. guess she's not mad anymore. good thing too... it's not like i changed anyone's life by cutting my son's hair.

daniel had an interview and it took forever! they said they were going to email him some info and then get back with him. it's a test he has to take or something like that. i hope at least one (both would be better) of us gets hired SOMEWHERE!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


i'm so upset...
for the past few weeks, daniel has been asking me if we could take danny and get his head shaved. well NO was the first thing that came out of my mouth. i was NOT for it at all!

it's funny, everyone here thinks we should, and everyone in wv thinks we shouldn't. of course, everyone in wv has never heard of doing that to a baby that young...

well i started thinking about it and tried to weigh the pros and cons if we would do it, or if we wouldn't. his hair is long-ish on top, but short everywhere else. and it's not growing. i would look at it and think it was, but it never got any longer.

so i decided to go ahead and just get it over with. the reason that mainly made up my mind was that if it's done, his hair will be all one length, and i won't have to worry about evening it out later.
and we went yesterday and had it done.

i sent lisa a text message and here's basically how the conversation went:

me: we cut the baby's hair. don't be mad
her: i am mad why in the world would you do that?
me: it'll all grow out even now. it's not like it won't grow back.
her: his hair would have grown anyway. what's wrong with his hair? i know that's your kid but that was dumb

and i guess her saying it "was dumb" just hit me the wrong way. i wish i never would have told her. the reason i did was because i knew i would have recent pictures of him up and she would've noticed. it just really hurt my feelings. i feel like she could have put it another way and not said it like that.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

holy cow

it's been so long since i've posted. i'm so lazy!

things have been somewhat hectic. i've been trying like crazy to get a job, and i was getting a little homesick, so i surprised everyone (except my sister cause she's the only one that knew) and went back to wv for the Easter weekend. my mom was sooo excited! she said it was like Christmas and she got the best present ever. i had lisa (my sister) go in with me to her house, it was late because i waited for her (lisa) to get off work, and my mom was sleeping. we went into her bedroom, lisa had danny. she said 'mom', but nothing. i turned on the light. nothing. so finally, she put danny on the bed up against her and she finally woke up. she said 'am i dreaming?' it was really nice. i had so much fun!

danny turned 8 months on the 9th. exactly a week before, he started crawling. then a few days before, he got really cranky and i just knew he would be getting a tooth, but was kinda skeptical because i've thought it before, and no teeth appeared. then, on the 9th, the day he turned 8 months, his first tooth appeared! i was so excited! he did get a cold, and gave it to me, i just got over being sick then i got sick again... and he's had it ever since. we took him to the clinic, because i can't find a pediatrician for him yet (which is sooo aggrevating!!). they gave him a breathing treatment because he was wheezing and gave us a prescription for an inhaler with a tube that he has to take. he's almost done with it, and they said if he's not better, to bring him back. he's still really rattley when he breaths, so i figure we'll have to take him back. they said it could be asthma, but it could also be just the way he gets when he gets sick, or maybe he has allergies or something. i hope it's NOT asthma!

i got a call for an interview while i was in wv. i explained to her that i was out of state but i would be coming back on tuesday (last week). she scheduled my interview for thursday morning. i went and it went really well, but it was at an employment agency. i didn't realize that... but then she called me back for a 2nd interview with the manager at that office. i didn't know what that meant, but it had to be good! so my 2nd interview was yesterday morning, and it went pretty well too... she told me there was a company that is going to start interviewing the first week in may, then if you get hired, they start training the 11th, then you start the job the first of june. she said she would send my information to them. it's a customer service job, i'd really love to get SOMETHING! and if that falls through, i'm going to check on the application i put in at starbucks!! something is better than nothing.

daniel has had a few calls but still no interviews. this is so frustrating! oh well... it'll work out. something will come along.... i hope anyway!

when we were in west virginia, danny fell asleep and lisa took him and he rolled over on her and that's how he stayed. it was sooo cute!

i took this yesterday.. danny with a soccer ball (of course! haha).. and you can't see it, but i put his hair (what little he's got) in a mohawk... hahahaha

lisa's kids (nathaniel, breanne, and alexis) on Easter morning in their Easter outfits.

me, my friend Tina, and danny.. i used to work with her.. she was my supervisor, and the only one (besides her husband) that knew me and daniel were dating

this is Tina and her husband Miguel with danny. i just love those two!

me and one of my best friend's who i love dearly!!!, Terri (in the white shirt), and her daughter Ashley (she didn't feel good) and danny (when we were in west virginia)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

while he sleeps...

where to start...?

things haven't been EXTREMELY hectic, but busy enough.

i lost the usb cord that transfers my pictures from digital camera to the computer :'(. i can't believe it!! i guess it happened when i moved the computer, but i have absolutely no idea where it is! i guess i could get a cd, but if anyone has any ideas that would be easier, or how i could get another cord without paying an arm and a leg for it, PLEASE let me know!

my dad went back in the hospital last week on wednesday, i think. i called him everyday from friday to tuesday. then wednesday, his birthday (yeah, he's an april fool's baby) i try to call, and there's no answer. the several times i try, NO answer. then on thursday, the same thing. so i text my aunt (his sister) and that's how i find out he got out on wednesday. nice of someone to let me know! i was pretty upset about that, mainly because of their attitude towards me. that's a whole 'nother story....

daniel's sister's quincinera was last saturday. she looked SOOO pretty. we all dressed up, and danny and daniel were both in suits. they were so handsome! and i took lots of pictures, but without the cord, i can't put any on here yet :(. today, daniel's cousin got married, but we skipped out on going to the wedding.... i think we were a little overloaded on dancing from last weekend haha.

danny started crawling on april 2! it was so exciting! i got it on the video on my digital camera!! AND the same day, he was in his bed (which is a pack 'n' play, and he sleeps in the bassinet in it), and he pulled himself up to a standing position! first time for that too! i just had to call my mom and sister and tell them. they were excited.
i need to get him a real baby book. i had this idea when i was pregnant to get a scrapbook and make it myself, but i'm entirely too lazy for that. i saw a baby book at wal mart for $10, but it doesn't have very many pages in it, so i need to go somewhere else that might have more pages in it.

i've been (halfway) trying to lose weight... and my friend told me she was going to mail me one of her zumba dvd's! i cannot wait to get it. she mailed it on the 1st. i hope it gets here soon.... i can't wait to start.

i've also been playing guitar hero. i'm becoming pretty good at it. i'm a ROCKSTAR, man. hahahahaa

i'm also trying to find a job still. i put in an application at starbucks yesterday. then daniel's oldest sister told me that the hospital and clinic are hiring. i'm going there first thing monday morning... well, maybe around 9 or 10. i'm not getting up REAL early.

i think that's about it... i know i haven't posted for a while, i've been in quite a funk... i think i'm homesick. but i'm hoping to go visit my mom and sister next weekend. i really really want to. i hope i can talk daniel into it (because i'm scared to drive by myself). i don't think daniel will want me driving all that way by myself, so hopefully i'll be able to talk him into it... we'll see!