Monday, February 23, 2009

it'll be a little while

we're moving tomorrow, and i'm not sure when i'll be back online.

turns out, i can't get the dsl transferred because verizon doesn't service dsl in that area. so i'm going to have to find another service. CRAP. i hope it doesn't take long.

and i lost a follower. =[

Thursday, February 19, 2009

update on danny

i had to take danny to the doctor the other day because he's got yeast in his mouth... YUCK. the doctor said it's from the pacifier.
and i got his measurements too:

17lbs, 26inches long
and he's SOLID.

who said preemie??

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

getting there...!

so today, after waking up around 10:30 (it's SOOOO nice to have a baby that sleeps until 10am-11am every morning!!), i get dressed and take danny to my mom's so she can watch him while daniel and i pack.

i take him over and drop him off.
then i go get me and daniel something to eat.
i take it home, we eat and THEN start working on packing. (boy, we're in such a hurry haha).

i say to daniel 'maybe we should split up cleaning'.
daniel- 'what do you mean?'
me -'i'll start on the bedroom and you finish up in here'.
yesterday, we started on the living room and the kitchen.
so that's what we did. and it went SO WELL. i got the bedroom (that has SO MUCH crap packed in it) pretty much finished, and he got the rest of the kitchen and living room.

tomorrow, we're finishing the bedroom and the bathroom, and then we're going to clean really well, and i'm hoping we'll be about finished.

i HATE moving!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

packing and moving

we finally started today.
actually got boxes from wal mart (and the women there were very rude and hateful)....
then we came home and got part of the living room and part of the kitchen.

then we stopped.

we'll start again tomorrow.
this is NEVER going to get done.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

sorry =[

it's been a while, and i'm not keeping up regularly.

i've just been so busy! trying to pack and get ready to move and just... LIFE. but everyone knows how that goes.
we actually haven't packed at all because i can't get boxes from anywhere, and i don't know who else to ask. i guess i'll try every store to see if i can maybe get something.
and i had a bunch of cans to recycle and the recycling center is CLOSED! there's no where here, i'd have to drive at least 40 minutes, and the price of aluminum is going down, so i'd do it for about $10 if that. and i had 11 bags!
everyone talks about going green and all that but i can't even give these cans away!

i had a nice valentine's day. i pampered myself (got my hair trimmed and styled, got my eyebrows done (for the first time ever), and got my nails done). then me and daniel, cathy and misa and our babies went out to eat. they were fighting, but me and daniel had a good time.

i'm sooooo nervous about leaving. it's almost like i don't want to, but it's just because it's such a big step. i hope i get through this without too much crying.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

usa.... or mexico?

usa won.. 2-0.

daniel was pretty upset about it

since danny's sleeping

alexis.. not sure what that face is about..

Breanne.. not sure what THAT face is about either

he just loves me SOO much haha

me and Breanne

the past week (or so) has been pretty fun.
(my sister) lisa's birthday was this past saturday and me and my mom took her to the outback. it was really good (of course) and daniel actually went, he usually never wants to go anywhere.
he got a steak and just couldn't believe how good it was. he'd only ever been there one time and didn't have steak. lisa had a pretty good time, too.

it's getting closer...... we're going to be moving. it's becoming an actuality now and i'm getting pretty nervous. BUT i do have something to look forward to.. one of my very best friends that i've had since my senior year in high school (i graduated in '99) is coming to visit me.. for the 3rd time.. from JAPAN! she was an exchange student, and we email and write each other. she had talked about it, and i got an email that i read today that said she is coming in august! she bought her ticket! i can't wait. i just LOVE it when she comes to see me, it makes me feel so good because she's here to see me. that's why she comes SO FAR. it makes me feel special.

i'm going to spend the night with my mom one night and with lisa and the kids one night before we move. i'm getting really anxious as it gets closer. almost to the point that i don't want to go, but i know it's only because i'll be out of my comfort zone. and i'll be so far away from my family.
i HATE the mixed messages i get from people....
some people say 'it'll be good to get out of here for you', or something to that effect
and then some people say 'well you'll be so far away! what if you don't find a job? where are you going to stay?'

it just aggrevates me so much! just let me be! let me live my life, and you live yours. maybe if you'd focus on YOUR life and not MINE, maybe you'd be a little happier!

i went the other day with terri, her and her daughter were getting pictures taken and they wanted danny to be in the pictures. so i went and took him and they ended up putting me in them too. it was so sweet! i just love terri! she's great. we've had our ups and downs, but she's actually a TRUE friend, which there aren't many, even when you think you have them.
i'm going to try to get the pictures we had taken on here, but i don't have a scanner so i doubt i'll be able to.

i tried to get boxes on monday, but the guy at the dollar store told me to come back wednesday, early afternoon.
so i did. about 25 after 12. i went there, and guess what? NO BOXES. the woman that's worked there forever (that i worked with cause i worked there a few years ago) said that he knows that the truck takes the empty boxes they have, and she doesn't know why he told me to come back that late. GRRR... so i've been looking for a store that'll just give me some boxes. you would think they wouldn't care to get rid of them!

i think that's about it... if i think of anything else, i'll update.

by the way, the USA/Mexico soccer game is on, so daniel is pretty into that... and of course, he's hoping for MEXICO to win!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


please please please pray for this family!!

i got an email from my cousin today. here's what she sent:

I have a long-time friend that lost her baby yesterday and is devastated beyond words.
Please keep Elizabeth & Ryan Hornbeck in your prayers as they were expecting their third child, a boy, in just 3 weeks. She went in for an ultrasound yesterday and there was no heartbeat so they did an emergency c-section to find that the umbilical cord was wrapped so tightly around his little leg that it cut all oxygen.
I was told that he was perfect. Perfect skin, five pounds 6 ounces, and beautiful. He looked just like his older brother. Elizabeth held him and said her goodbye's, but Ryan cannot cope. Thanks

i cannot imagine what they are going thru. there are really no words.

it's already february!

i can't believe january is already over. time goes by so fast as you get older... and i can't believe we'll be leaving in like, two weeks...
daniel said something to me today about when i was going to cancel the dsl. it's like he has selective memory, i told him i was going to transfer it. i really want to keep the internet.

here's some pictures. just cause my baby is really freaking adorable.

^^ i will never get tired of that!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

totally awkward tuesday (my first time)

Here's how Totally Awkward Tuesday goes:

1.) admit something awkward you did or witnessed,
2.) laugh at yourself (because laughing is fabulous; but being able to laugh at yourself is even better!),
3.) visit Tova Darling's wonderful blog and link up with her,
4.) laugh some more while reading everyone else's Totally Awkward Tuesday posts (while they presumably laugh until they cry as they read yours, of course), and
5.) go lie down for a minute, because, please, that was just entirely too much laughing.... unless you're at work, then.... umm.... get back to work, slacker.

(this is my first time at this, i hope i got it, at least a little bit)

i was doing my laundry at the crappy laundromat we have here and i had two washers full of clothes. i was waiting for them to get done, and i had went and got a rolly basket so i wouldn't have to carry all my 50lbs of clothes (not really THAT many, but it was heavy anyway). i was standing there, on the phone, HOLDING ON to the basket. the washer i was using was in front of a bench on one side of the door, and there was another bench on the other side of the door. this lady had sit down on the bench in front of my washers. and she had her rolly basket in front of her. so i had very little room to walk thru.
(and the weird part about that was, the dryer she was using was a LOT closer to the OTHER bench. that wasn't RIGHT IN FRONT of the washers i was using. but by ALL MEANS, use the one in front of where someone is doing there clothes!).. that didn't really bother me. whatever.

well, she had her husband and a little boy there with her. so i'm standing there, hanging on to that basket, BORED, waiting for my clothes to hurry and wash so i could throw them in the dryer and get out of that crap hole.
so i walk over to the end of the washers to see if the dryer i wanted to use was empty, and just for something to do. cause i was BORED. (did i mention that?) as i'm walking back, the little boy comes and takes the basket! mind you, there's one close to the dryer he was going to that he could have used. BUT NO. let's take this one. that someone already has. and the man (i'm assuming the dad of the little brat) just looks at me. and SMILES. i just looked at him like 'wtf dude? your kid is a brat and he's the reason i don't like kids. cause of parents like YOU'.

this got me pretty mad. and me, being the person i am, didn't say anything. oh how i wish i had the guts to! i wish i could stop being such a chicken and just say what i'm thinking!!
so of course, i just let it go. and had to carry that freaking heavy laundry over to the dryer.
and it was awkward cause momma was sitting there, folding her laundry, not paying any attention, and daddy just looked at me and smiled like a jerk. and what do you say to OTHER PEOPLE's kids?? NOTHING. cause that can get you in a LOT of trouble.

then i start to dry my clothes. trying not to fume too bad over the wonderful parenting of the mom and dad who apparently don't discipline little johnny-i-can-do-anything-cause-mommy-and-daddy-don't-say-anything-to-me-and-that's-why-i'm-a-brat.

this other woman comes in and starts her laundry in a washer close to where i'm drying my clothes. she's loading her washers and i go over and stand about a washer or so away from her, and just rest my head on my arms and stare out the door.. cause i was BORED. and trying to get over what just happened with little satan.
the next thing i know, something hit me on my hip/butt. i look down and ol' crabby (the woman who came in to do her laundry) had flung open the washer door and it hit me. so i look at her. and she doesn't even acknowledge. WTF is going on??? i sigh real loud and walk over to the dryer my clothes were in. and still, NOTHING. she just keeps on a-loadin'.
crabby lady is getting upset because first, she loads all her clothes in a washer (the one that she hit me with) and put the detergent in. come to find out, it wouldn't take any quarters. so she had to RELOAD all those clothes into a different washer. then, she keeps dropping her quarters. (which aggrevates the mortal crap out of me).
anyway, she taks and pushes one of the rolly baskets out of the way, with a little force, and what does it do? it slams into my hamper (which is just one of those light weight pop up hampers) and i was pretty close to it. so it bows my hamper after knocking it down, and rams into my leg.

AGAIN, i look up at her. NOTHING. she just goes over and moves the basket away from me. no excuse me, no sorry, no oh, no NOTHING.
so here comes the fumes again. i could not wait to get the F out of there.

so i left, went to wal mart and cooled off (which is kind of weird cause i always get aggrevated when i go into THAT place). then i came back, my clothes were done, i got them and WENT HOME. FINALLY....