Friday, June 12, 2009

i had a great time

so my sister has been going through a REALLY rough time and needed to get away, so she came to see me! what better place but here! even though it was a 9 hour drive (and it takes daniel 12 because he's just used to that way... i told him we're not going that way anymore, it's TOO LONG). anyway, she got here tuesday night around 10 and stayed until this morning. i think she had fun. i know i did! i hope she feels a little better too. i'm worried about her :(

wednesday, we went to some places close to here and around town. then wednesday evening, we went to church. i'm really happy cause she's been going to church more with our mom. and she went with me wednesday. then yesterday, we went to the mall (it's only about 10 minutes away). it's HUGE so we spent a while there.

daniel's been working for that collection place and i'll start working on the 22nd, which is the monday after next. i got the call earlier this week. i'm so excited! i knew i had it, but i got the confirmation call. it'll be so nice to have two incomes again. i'm really hoping to get a good amount of savings. i think we can do it.

danny is doing really good. he's getting so big and so cute. i can't believe i made someone so perfect! i know everyone thinks that about their children, but i really have an unbelievably wonderful baby! he is so good. people make remarks about it a lot, like at church.. people just come up to me and tell me how good he is. i'm so lucky and thankful!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

i suck

i need to really start updating more.

i'm hoping that with that job i got, it'll be like my last job and i can get online while i'm at work, that way i can update while i'm there. but i don't know. i don't want to mess it up.

i also finally got on twitter. i didn't really get it at first, but now i'm getting it and i love it! i don't have many followers, but i guess that'll happen in time. this is me on twitter.
my friend amanda is going to have her baby on monday. i'm so excited! she's in florida... i wish i could be there, but i can't :( so i guess i'll have to settle for pictures! and i can't wait to see them!

i celebrated my birthday on sunday. we had a cookout and cake and all that. it was really fun.
my mom sent me a package from her and lisa. it had two things i really wanted! rascal flatts new cd, and the movie Twilight. i love it!!

they thought it would be funny to shove my face in the cake.

it was. and they got me good.

so we decided to do it to danny...

and he liked it!

he was also really diggin' the ribs.

it was really fun! i would post more pictures, but it's such a pain in the butt for me to do that. if anyone has any tips on how to post pictures on here more easily, PLEASE let me know!

Friday, May 22, 2009

memorial day weekend is coming!

and so is my birthday. my birthday is sunday! i'll be a whopping 28! yay

i haven't been updating, and i feel bad about it, but i don't know.. im just not motivated.

i've been in a slump... again. it's getting old. everything is bothering me and i'm crying a lot. i hate it! one thing that i am happy about is that i finally got a job! it doesn't start until june 22, and it's temporary but it can be permanent depending on how well you do, and daniel also is going to start a job too, i think.... i'm excited and happy about that, at least.

please pray for my sister, she's going through a lot right now and there's nothing i can do to help her and it makes me so sad :(

Monday, May 11, 2009

happy day

Mother's Day was good. I got a card in the mail from my mom and lisa. then, i got a dozen red roses and a card from daniel, and his sister got me some flowers. made me feel good :).

danny's got his 2nd tooth, it came up right by the first one.. on the bottom.
and abuelita bought him an actual crib. it's so pretty.

i went to the doctor friday and she's going to have be get a blood test within the week and go back to see her at the end of the month, and hopefully she'll be able to figure out what's wrong with me. i'm tired all the time, headaches, no motivation... maybe it's because of all this weight i'm carrying around. i don't know.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

doctor appointment and other stuff

danny's been sick since he got his first tooth... it started 2 days before he turned 8 months, and that was the 9th. so we're talking almost 3 weeks. we took him to his pediatrician today. the pediatrician said he's got a virus that can last 3-4 weeks and he should be getting better soon. he's not as bad as he was, so he's been getting better very gradually, but of course i was just worried because the symptoms were just hanging on and hanging on.

and come to find out, he hasn't had his 6 month shots, so when we go back next week, he has to have those. i hope he does as good as he has in the past with shots. he never really cried a whole lot.

we went to the chinese place and ate. i feel kinda guilty when we go out to eat cause neither of us have a job.. but we don't do it often. oh well... something's gotta come up soon!

so does anyone agree that ryan gosling and charles kelly look alike??
ryan gosling(from The Notebook) and charles kelly (from the group Lady Antebellum)
the notebook was on the other day and while i was watching it, i kept thinking about what he would sound like when he sings. and i thought of charles kelly....
just like when i see anything with tyra banks, i think she must sing like beyonce. i don't know why.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

i'm not sure what to say

i'm pretty emotional right now...

i've been following this blog, Kayleigh's Story.
kayleigh is a micro preemie and she's had a lot of ups and downs... right now, she's not doing well at all and it breaks my heart to know what she's going through. i dread logging on here because i don't want a bad update. i know that sounds bad, but the reason is because it pains me to know that those two wonderful people are dealing with this. i pray for them. i think about them all the time.
i look at danny and just cannot imagine what i would do without him. since the beginning, i have been extremely lucky with him. he's so strong and so healthy and i cherish every second i get with him.

please please pray for little kayleigh and her family.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

guess not

lisa's been talking to me thru text messages. guess she's not mad anymore. good thing too... it's not like i changed anyone's life by cutting my son's hair.

daniel had an interview and it took forever! they said they were going to email him some info and then get back with him. it's a test he has to take or something like that. i hope at least one (both would be better) of us gets hired SOMEWHERE!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


i'm so upset...
for the past few weeks, daniel has been asking me if we could take danny and get his head shaved. well NO was the first thing that came out of my mouth. i was NOT for it at all!

it's funny, everyone here thinks we should, and everyone in wv thinks we shouldn't. of course, everyone in wv has never heard of doing that to a baby that young...

well i started thinking about it and tried to weigh the pros and cons if we would do it, or if we wouldn't. his hair is long-ish on top, but short everywhere else. and it's not growing. i would look at it and think it was, but it never got any longer.

so i decided to go ahead and just get it over with. the reason that mainly made up my mind was that if it's done, his hair will be all one length, and i won't have to worry about evening it out later.
and we went yesterday and had it done.

i sent lisa a text message and here's basically how the conversation went:

me: we cut the baby's hair. don't be mad
her: i am mad why in the world would you do that?
me: it'll all grow out even now. it's not like it won't grow back.
her: his hair would have grown anyway. what's wrong with his hair? i know that's your kid but that was dumb

and i guess her saying it "was dumb" just hit me the wrong way. i wish i never would have told her. the reason i did was because i knew i would have recent pictures of him up and she would've noticed. it just really hurt my feelings. i feel like she could have put it another way and not said it like that.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

holy cow

it's been so long since i've posted. i'm so lazy!

things have been somewhat hectic. i've been trying like crazy to get a job, and i was getting a little homesick, so i surprised everyone (except my sister cause she's the only one that knew) and went back to wv for the Easter weekend. my mom was sooo excited! she said it was like Christmas and she got the best present ever. i had lisa (my sister) go in with me to her house, it was late because i waited for her (lisa) to get off work, and my mom was sleeping. we went into her bedroom, lisa had danny. she said 'mom', but nothing. i turned on the light. nothing. so finally, she put danny on the bed up against her and she finally woke up. she said 'am i dreaming?' it was really nice. i had so much fun!

danny turned 8 months on the 9th. exactly a week before, he started crawling. then a few days before, he got really cranky and i just knew he would be getting a tooth, but was kinda skeptical because i've thought it before, and no teeth appeared. then, on the 9th, the day he turned 8 months, his first tooth appeared! i was so excited! he did get a cold, and gave it to me, i just got over being sick then i got sick again... and he's had it ever since. we took him to the clinic, because i can't find a pediatrician for him yet (which is sooo aggrevating!!). they gave him a breathing treatment because he was wheezing and gave us a prescription for an inhaler with a tube that he has to take. he's almost done with it, and they said if he's not better, to bring him back. he's still really rattley when he breaths, so i figure we'll have to take him back. they said it could be asthma, but it could also be just the way he gets when he gets sick, or maybe he has allergies or something. i hope it's NOT asthma!

i got a call for an interview while i was in wv. i explained to her that i was out of state but i would be coming back on tuesday (last week). she scheduled my interview for thursday morning. i went and it went really well, but it was at an employment agency. i didn't realize that... but then she called me back for a 2nd interview with the manager at that office. i didn't know what that meant, but it had to be good! so my 2nd interview was yesterday morning, and it went pretty well too... she told me there was a company that is going to start interviewing the first week in may, then if you get hired, they start training the 11th, then you start the job the first of june. she said she would send my information to them. it's a customer service job, i'd really love to get SOMETHING! and if that falls through, i'm going to check on the application i put in at starbucks!! something is better than nothing.

daniel has had a few calls but still no interviews. this is so frustrating! oh well... it'll work out. something will come along.... i hope anyway!

when we were in west virginia, danny fell asleep and lisa took him and he rolled over on her and that's how he stayed. it was sooo cute!

i took this yesterday.. danny with a soccer ball (of course! haha).. and you can't see it, but i put his hair (what little he's got) in a mohawk... hahahaha

lisa's kids (nathaniel, breanne, and alexis) on Easter morning in their Easter outfits.

me, my friend Tina, and danny.. i used to work with her.. she was my supervisor, and the only one (besides her husband) that knew me and daniel were dating

this is Tina and her husband Miguel with danny. i just love those two!

me and one of my best friend's who i love dearly!!!, Terri (in the white shirt), and her daughter Ashley (she didn't feel good) and danny (when we were in west virginia)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

while he sleeps...

where to start...?

things haven't been EXTREMELY hectic, but busy enough.

i lost the usb cord that transfers my pictures from digital camera to the computer :'(. i can't believe it!! i guess it happened when i moved the computer, but i have absolutely no idea where it is! i guess i could get a cd, but if anyone has any ideas that would be easier, or how i could get another cord without paying an arm and a leg for it, PLEASE let me know!

my dad went back in the hospital last week on wednesday, i think. i called him everyday from friday to tuesday. then wednesday, his birthday (yeah, he's an april fool's baby) i try to call, and there's no answer. the several times i try, NO answer. then on thursday, the same thing. so i text my aunt (his sister) and that's how i find out he got out on wednesday. nice of someone to let me know! i was pretty upset about that, mainly because of their attitude towards me. that's a whole 'nother story....

daniel's sister's quincinera was last saturday. she looked SOOO pretty. we all dressed up, and danny and daniel were both in suits. they were so handsome! and i took lots of pictures, but without the cord, i can't put any on here yet :(. today, daniel's cousin got married, but we skipped out on going to the wedding.... i think we were a little overloaded on dancing from last weekend haha.

danny started crawling on april 2! it was so exciting! i got it on the video on my digital camera!! AND the same day, he was in his bed (which is a pack 'n' play, and he sleeps in the bassinet in it), and he pulled himself up to a standing position! first time for that too! i just had to call my mom and sister and tell them. they were excited.
i need to get him a real baby book. i had this idea when i was pregnant to get a scrapbook and make it myself, but i'm entirely too lazy for that. i saw a baby book at wal mart for $10, but it doesn't have very many pages in it, so i need to go somewhere else that might have more pages in it.

i've been (halfway) trying to lose weight... and my friend told me she was going to mail me one of her zumba dvd's! i cannot wait to get it. she mailed it on the 1st. i hope it gets here soon.... i can't wait to start.

i've also been playing guitar hero. i'm becoming pretty good at it. i'm a ROCKSTAR, man. hahahahaa

i'm also trying to find a job still. i put in an application at starbucks yesterday. then daniel's oldest sister told me that the hospital and clinic are hiring. i'm going there first thing monday morning... well, maybe around 9 or 10. i'm not getting up REAL early.

i think that's about it... i know i haven't posted for a while, i've been in quite a funk... i think i'm homesick. but i'm hoping to go visit my mom and sister next weekend. i really really want to. i hope i can talk daniel into it (because i'm scared to drive by myself). i don't think daniel will want me driving all that way by myself, so hopefully i'll be able to talk him into it... we'll see!

Friday, March 20, 2009

i'm not sure why...

but i have been so moody. it's not that time.. the only thing i can think of is that i might be homesick.
i love it here, i really do. i love daniel and his family, they are all wonderful... but the littlest thing makes me so mad! i've always had a short fuse it seems like, and as i get older, it gets shorter. i hate that because i take things out on daniel, and he gets upset (of course).. and i can only apologize so much.

it's just.. i miss lisa, my mom, and the kids terribly. i'm not 15 minutes away anymore, and believe me, i thought a LOT about that before i came here. i would love to just go visit them, but it's not that easy now.
and another thing, i could've stayed in west virginia, and if i would have put up a fight, i'm sure daniel would have stayed longer. BUT i know that coming here made him happy. and that's very important to me. also, if i would've stayed, i don't know that i could have stayed without daniel.

i don't know. i need to pray about it and think more about it, and try to control getting aggrevated and mad over every little thing. maybe just be by myself for a little while everyday will help.

other than that, things are great. i'm still looking for a job, but it'll come in time.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


i got my follower back!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

on the move

moving went pretty smoothly and the goodbye's weren't as bad as i had thought they would be. i miss lisa, her kids, and my mom like CRAZY but it's really not bad here. that helps a lot.

packing was the worst part, it took so long. and loading the truck, but that's because it was just me, daniel, and jimmy (my brother in law). when we unpacked, we had 3 extra people, so it went by a LOT faster.

everything, for the most part, is put away.
and daniel finally has his big tv set up and we have direct tv now. and some channels are in HD, so it's pretty nice.

i'm looking for a job now. well, i have been looking, but it's so much easier now that we have internet. last night, i put in some resume's and i emailed my resume, too.

danny's formula's been switched because WIC here has Enfamil instead of Similac. i've heard that it can make babies more constipated, but so far, he hasn't spit up as much. and if you look at the two, Enfamil is much more fine and looks like it would be easier for the baby to digest.
on the upside, though, if danny does get constipated, hopefully i can just give him juice and it'll help him use the bathroom. it's worked before, so i hope it's no different now.

danny's awake, so i'm going to go change him and i'll be back on later.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


i have a gorgeous baby!
and he's so happy all the time! i am so blessed!

we're here... and i FINALLY got internet.

after a week and a half of waiting for at&t internet, we finally got hooked up today --with a different provider. they told us 4 times that it would be hooked up a certain day and it never was hooked up, so we cancelled it.

i'm going to post more later, and also some pictures.

my computer has a virus, i think, so we're going to go get some anti virus something... anyone have any suggestions on what's good?

Monday, February 23, 2009

it'll be a little while

we're moving tomorrow, and i'm not sure when i'll be back online.

turns out, i can't get the dsl transferred because verizon doesn't service dsl in that area. so i'm going to have to find another service. CRAP. i hope it doesn't take long.

and i lost a follower. =[

Thursday, February 19, 2009

update on danny

i had to take danny to the doctor the other day because he's got yeast in his mouth... YUCK. the doctor said it's from the pacifier.
and i got his measurements too:

17lbs, 26inches long
and he's SOLID.

who said preemie??

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

getting there...!

so today, after waking up around 10:30 (it's SOOOO nice to have a baby that sleeps until 10am-11am every morning!!), i get dressed and take danny to my mom's so she can watch him while daniel and i pack.

i take him over and drop him off.
then i go get me and daniel something to eat.
i take it home, we eat and THEN start working on packing. (boy, we're in such a hurry haha).

i say to daniel 'maybe we should split up cleaning'.
daniel- 'what do you mean?'
me -'i'll start on the bedroom and you finish up in here'.
yesterday, we started on the living room and the kitchen.
so that's what we did. and it went SO WELL. i got the bedroom (that has SO MUCH crap packed in it) pretty much finished, and he got the rest of the kitchen and living room.

tomorrow, we're finishing the bedroom and the bathroom, and then we're going to clean really well, and i'm hoping we'll be about finished.

i HATE moving!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

packing and moving

we finally started today.
actually got boxes from wal mart (and the women there were very rude and hateful)....
then we came home and got part of the living room and part of the kitchen.

then we stopped.

we'll start again tomorrow.
this is NEVER going to get done.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

sorry =[

it's been a while, and i'm not keeping up regularly.

i've just been so busy! trying to pack and get ready to move and just... LIFE. but everyone knows how that goes.
we actually haven't packed at all because i can't get boxes from anywhere, and i don't know who else to ask. i guess i'll try every store to see if i can maybe get something.
and i had a bunch of cans to recycle and the recycling center is CLOSED! there's no where here, i'd have to drive at least 40 minutes, and the price of aluminum is going down, so i'd do it for about $10 if that. and i had 11 bags!
everyone talks about going green and all that but i can't even give these cans away!

i had a nice valentine's day. i pampered myself (got my hair trimmed and styled, got my eyebrows done (for the first time ever), and got my nails done). then me and daniel, cathy and misa and our babies went out to eat. they were fighting, but me and daniel had a good time.

i'm sooooo nervous about leaving. it's almost like i don't want to, but it's just because it's such a big step. i hope i get through this without too much crying.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

usa.... or mexico?

usa won.. 2-0.

daniel was pretty upset about it

since danny's sleeping

alexis.. not sure what that face is about..

Breanne.. not sure what THAT face is about either

he just loves me SOO much haha

me and Breanne

the past week (or so) has been pretty fun.
(my sister) lisa's birthday was this past saturday and me and my mom took her to the outback. it was really good (of course) and daniel actually went, he usually never wants to go anywhere.
he got a steak and just couldn't believe how good it was. he'd only ever been there one time and didn't have steak. lisa had a pretty good time, too.

it's getting closer...... we're going to be moving. it's becoming an actuality now and i'm getting pretty nervous. BUT i do have something to look forward to.. one of my very best friends that i've had since my senior year in high school (i graduated in '99) is coming to visit me.. for the 3rd time.. from JAPAN! she was an exchange student, and we email and write each other. she had talked about it, and i got an email that i read today that said she is coming in august! she bought her ticket! i can't wait. i just LOVE it when she comes to see me, it makes me feel so good because she's here to see me. that's why she comes SO FAR. it makes me feel special.

i'm going to spend the night with my mom one night and with lisa and the kids one night before we move. i'm getting really anxious as it gets closer. almost to the point that i don't want to go, but i know it's only because i'll be out of my comfort zone. and i'll be so far away from my family.
i HATE the mixed messages i get from people....
some people say 'it'll be good to get out of here for you', or something to that effect
and then some people say 'well you'll be so far away! what if you don't find a job? where are you going to stay?'

it just aggrevates me so much! just let me be! let me live my life, and you live yours. maybe if you'd focus on YOUR life and not MINE, maybe you'd be a little happier!

i went the other day with terri, her and her daughter were getting pictures taken and they wanted danny to be in the pictures. so i went and took him and they ended up putting me in them too. it was so sweet! i just love terri! she's great. we've had our ups and downs, but she's actually a TRUE friend, which there aren't many, even when you think you have them.
i'm going to try to get the pictures we had taken on here, but i don't have a scanner so i doubt i'll be able to.

i tried to get boxes on monday, but the guy at the dollar store told me to come back wednesday, early afternoon.
so i did. about 25 after 12. i went there, and guess what? NO BOXES. the woman that's worked there forever (that i worked with cause i worked there a few years ago) said that he knows that the truck takes the empty boxes they have, and she doesn't know why he told me to come back that late. GRRR... so i've been looking for a store that'll just give me some boxes. you would think they wouldn't care to get rid of them!

i think that's about it... if i think of anything else, i'll update.

by the way, the USA/Mexico soccer game is on, so daniel is pretty into that... and of course, he's hoping for MEXICO to win!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


please please please pray for this family!!

i got an email from my cousin today. here's what she sent:

I have a long-time friend that lost her baby yesterday and is devastated beyond words.
Please keep Elizabeth & Ryan Hornbeck in your prayers as they were expecting their third child, a boy, in just 3 weeks. She went in for an ultrasound yesterday and there was no heartbeat so they did an emergency c-section to find that the umbilical cord was wrapped so tightly around his little leg that it cut all oxygen.
I was told that he was perfect. Perfect skin, five pounds 6 ounces, and beautiful. He looked just like his older brother. Elizabeth held him and said her goodbye's, but Ryan cannot cope. Thanks

i cannot imagine what they are going thru. there are really no words.

it's already february!

i can't believe january is already over. time goes by so fast as you get older... and i can't believe we'll be leaving in like, two weeks...
daniel said something to me today about when i was going to cancel the dsl. it's like he has selective memory, i told him i was going to transfer it. i really want to keep the internet.

here's some pictures. just cause my baby is really freaking adorable.

^^ i will never get tired of that!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

totally awkward tuesday (my first time)

Here's how Totally Awkward Tuesday goes:

1.) admit something awkward you did or witnessed,
2.) laugh at yourself (because laughing is fabulous; but being able to laugh at yourself is even better!),
3.) visit Tova Darling's wonderful blog and link up with her,
4.) laugh some more while reading everyone else's Totally Awkward Tuesday posts (while they presumably laugh until they cry as they read yours, of course), and
5.) go lie down for a minute, because, please, that was just entirely too much laughing.... unless you're at work, then.... umm.... get back to work, slacker.

(this is my first time at this, i hope i got it, at least a little bit)

i was doing my laundry at the crappy laundromat we have here and i had two washers full of clothes. i was waiting for them to get done, and i had went and got a rolly basket so i wouldn't have to carry all my 50lbs of clothes (not really THAT many, but it was heavy anyway). i was standing there, on the phone, HOLDING ON to the basket. the washer i was using was in front of a bench on one side of the door, and there was another bench on the other side of the door. this lady had sit down on the bench in front of my washers. and she had her rolly basket in front of her. so i had very little room to walk thru.
(and the weird part about that was, the dryer she was using was a LOT closer to the OTHER bench. that wasn't RIGHT IN FRONT of the washers i was using. but by ALL MEANS, use the one in front of where someone is doing there clothes!).. that didn't really bother me. whatever.

well, she had her husband and a little boy there with her. so i'm standing there, hanging on to that basket, BORED, waiting for my clothes to hurry and wash so i could throw them in the dryer and get out of that crap hole.
so i walk over to the end of the washers to see if the dryer i wanted to use was empty, and just for something to do. cause i was BORED. (did i mention that?) as i'm walking back, the little boy comes and takes the basket! mind you, there's one close to the dryer he was going to that he could have used. BUT NO. let's take this one. that someone already has. and the man (i'm assuming the dad of the little brat) just looks at me. and SMILES. i just looked at him like 'wtf dude? your kid is a brat and he's the reason i don't like kids. cause of parents like YOU'.

this got me pretty mad. and me, being the person i am, didn't say anything. oh how i wish i had the guts to! i wish i could stop being such a chicken and just say what i'm thinking!!
so of course, i just let it go. and had to carry that freaking heavy laundry over to the dryer.
and it was awkward cause momma was sitting there, folding her laundry, not paying any attention, and daddy just looked at me and smiled like a jerk. and what do you say to OTHER PEOPLE's kids?? NOTHING. cause that can get you in a LOT of trouble.

then i start to dry my clothes. trying not to fume too bad over the wonderful parenting of the mom and dad who apparently don't discipline little johnny-i-can-do-anything-cause-mommy-and-daddy-don't-say-anything-to-me-and-that's-why-i'm-a-brat.

this other woman comes in and starts her laundry in a washer close to where i'm drying my clothes. she's loading her washers and i go over and stand about a washer or so away from her, and just rest my head on my arms and stare out the door.. cause i was BORED. and trying to get over what just happened with little satan.
the next thing i know, something hit me on my hip/butt. i look down and ol' crabby (the woman who came in to do her laundry) had flung open the washer door and it hit me. so i look at her. and she doesn't even acknowledge. WTF is going on??? i sigh real loud and walk over to the dryer my clothes were in. and still, NOTHING. she just keeps on a-loadin'.
crabby lady is getting upset because first, she loads all her clothes in a washer (the one that she hit me with) and put the detergent in. come to find out, it wouldn't take any quarters. so she had to RELOAD all those clothes into a different washer. then, she keeps dropping her quarters. (which aggrevates the mortal crap out of me).
anyway, she taks and pushes one of the rolly baskets out of the way, with a little force, and what does it do? it slams into my hamper (which is just one of those light weight pop up hampers) and i was pretty close to it. so it bows my hamper after knocking it down, and rams into my leg.

AGAIN, i look up at her. NOTHING. she just goes over and moves the basket away from me. no excuse me, no sorry, no oh, no NOTHING.
so here comes the fumes again. i could not wait to get the F out of there.

so i left, went to wal mart and cooled off (which is kind of weird cause i always get aggrevated when i go into THAT place). then i came back, my clothes were done, i got them and WENT HOME. FINALLY....

Saturday, January 31, 2009

the last day...

it was good, but sad =[..
i got all these emails from people saying they would miss me.. i got a little teary-eyed.
here's some pictures that were taken today:

me and Candace.. i look HUGE next to her!

me and Quitta

me and Darlene

me and Vicky

i'm really going to miss these people.. they made it better for me to go to work everyday. but i just couldn't keep being away from danny 12 hours a day! they all understood and even if they didn't, it really wouldn't matter.
plus, even though most of them there don't know it, but i'm still moving.. can't change that either


where is everyone?

if this is any indication of how today is going to go...

did i seriously put my pants on backwards this morning??

Friday, January 30, 2009

i got an award!

from Vic
thank you so much! my very first award, you are so sweet!
go check out her blog, she's quite entertaining.
go me

tomorrow's the day!

my last day of work is tomorrow.. and i'm a little anxious and nervous but i'm excited too! i get to spend everyday with danny! it's going to be so great. i didn't work on tuesday or wednesday because of the weather and i got to be with him those two days -all day- and it was wonderful.

and he's sick, so it makes me want to be with him that much more.

school is closed in my county. again. for the 4th day in a row. and then they have the weekend off... it just kinda blows my mind! one drop of snow and SCHOOL'S CANCELLED! of course, if i were in school, i would be stoked about it..

on my way to work this morning, like almost EVERY morning, i was getting so aggrevated. i cannot STAND when i'm driving. other people get on my LAST nerve. i have road rage (i guess you would call it that), to the point where i seriously think about pulling people out of their cars and beating the crap out of them! i really have a problem with that, and i wish i wasn't like that but COME ON.
i understand when the weather is bad, you shouldn't be driving like it's normal weather conditions. BUT when there's snow on the ground and you see someone in front of you, and the snow is blowing off the road from under their car, it's a pretty safe bet that you can go a LITTLE FASTER THAN 50 in the PASSING LANE!!!!!

and then there's semi's. who are going faster than the semi in front of them, so they pass. in front of a car that's doing 75-80, and that car has to slow down to 65. IN THE PASSING LANE!!!

OH and here's a good one.
in my town, they put in a turn right arrow light in a couple/few years ago. and some people WILL NOT GO unless that arrow is on. there's no sign saying 'no turn on red' and people still JUST SIT THERE. or if it's green, they look to the left to see if anything is coming.

as i've gotten older, it seems more and more things just get on my nerves. i get so mad and i get hateful. i don't say anything to anyone's face because i guess the way i was raised, and i'm a big chicken, but i should say something because they can see it all over my face. you can tell any emotion i have. i'm an open book when it comes to that.

one time, i went to a gas station and i was getting some beer. and i just got 3 singles. it was stupid on my part because i put all of them under one arm (i was carrying something else in my other hand). right before i get up to the counter, the middle one dropped out of my arm and i thought it was going to SHATTER everywhere. but it just kinda made the top come loose. anyway, beer started coming out the top. i hurried and put the rest of the stuff on the counter.
i picked up the bottle that dropped and -tried to- hand it to the woman behind the counter. i said, because beer was running out of the bottle all over the floor and my hand, 'what do you want me to do with this?' (i don't know if it was because there was a guy she had been flirting with that was standing there) she looks at me and says, 'well, you're going to have to pay for the one that's broken.'
by this time, i was getting highly irritated, and i was ready to sit the bottle on the floor and let the beer run all over the place, or better yet, sit it down on the counter. HARD.
you could hear the irritation in my voice when i told her, 'I KNOW THAT but what do you want me to do with this?'
all the while, holding the bottle out to her, but making sure i didn't hold it over the counter and get beer on it so she wouldn't have to take 2 minutes out of her precious flirting time to wipe it up....
she FINALLY took it from me.

i walked back to the cooler and started feeling guilty for talking to her like that! i just kept kicking myself for being mean to her. and i really wasn't.... but i felt bad.
which is how i am. i say something the least bit out of the way, or even if it's not and someone says 'i can't believe you said that' or something to that effect, it makes me feel SO BAD..
it's really not hard to make me feel guilty.

so i get back up to the counter with the new, unbusted bottle of beer (making sure i kept a good hold on it so this one didn't fall to the floor as well) . i apologized to the woman... SERIOUSLY EMMA, she's the one that had a lapse of not using her brain, not you!!! but i did. cause i felt bad. because of what i said.

i need to get more of a backbone and then NOT feel bad about it!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

almost there!

it's almost saturday, which means... my LAST DAY OF WORK! it's happy but sad in a way because i don't particularly HATE this job, and i'm going to miss a lot of the people here.

daniel asked me when i wanted to leave, and he said something about leaving this weekend... HOLY CRAP, NO!!! i at least want to wait til after (my sister) lisa's birthday. it's february 7th.

and Ripley got a LITTLE CAESAR'S YAY.. because the ONE thing that place needs is yet ANOTHER pizza place! like we don't have ENOUGH:
Pizza Hut
Fat Albert's
Village Pizza
and now...
Little Caesar's

and here i go. back to work. yay.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

this weather!

i had all intentions of going to work yesterday, but the roads were all covered, i had my mom, my sister, and two friends calling me saying i shouldn't even attempt it. so i didn't. i called off. and it felt GOOD.. i got to spend all day with my boys and did NOTHING. it was wonderful!

then last night, i looked outside and it was all ICE. it had frozen and a big, sloppy mess. so i called last night and left a voicemail saying i wouldn't be there today either.

i drive a little car and i really don't need to have an accident.

i took a picture of my steps on my phone, but my phone is dumb and i can't send it to myself to put on here. i wish i would've taken more. oh well... there'll be more snow in illinois, i'm sure.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


he doesn't look quite as thrilled as i do..

big boy holding his sippy cup =]

daddy calls this one eminem

this is one of the pictures i have hanging up at my desk at work

Sunday, January 25, 2009

confused and concerned... =[

i've been thinking about something for the past few months...
about 3 years ago or so, i was friends with this girl. we were really really close, and did everything together. we both worked, but when we weren't working, we were either going out to eat, or going out to clubs dancing, hanging out at each other's houses, and i would even go to her work and sit with her sometimes.
i was helped out by her mom with some money, and when she offered it to me (through my friend), i told her that i didn't know what i would be able to pay or when i would be able to pay it. she said that was fine, but she knew i needed it and she was ok with it.

so i ended up making like 2 payments to her, and haven't since. that was back in 2006. i know, i know. trust me, I KNOW how it sounds, and i know what it actually is.. but i've been in and out of a job, and there have been other things that have come up, but honestly, i know there's no excuse in that. her mom hasn't said anything to me, and neither has she.

so over the next year or so, we started drifting apart a little. that's about the same time i started dating daniel, and i also got a good job. my time wasn't as free as it had been. she has a baby and we did things with her too.
during this time, she also got a job, so her time wasn't as free either.

lately, especially in the past year and a half, she's been acting weird. for instance, the latest thing that happened was that i had told her thru a text message that i was moving in february and that we need to get together before i go.
***when we would go out to eat before, there were always 2 places we would go.. the chinese restaurant and the mexican restaurant. so anytime we talk about going out to eat, we go to one of the two places, just alternate them.**
she sent me a text message that said we needed to go to the chinese place, and we sent texts back and forth saying things like 'let me know when you have a day off' and things like that.
finally, the other day, i had sent her a message saying that i got off work at 1 on friday, and she said she was off, but her little girl had preschool screening that day, and she wasn't sure what time it would be overwith (which that in itself was just one of the weird things she does, i thought because with it being a preschool screening, there's no way it would have went longer than 3 or 4, at the latest 5.. but anyway...). i told her to let me know when it was over.

so friday comes and after i got off work, about 3:30, i went to one of my good friend's houses because they're always telling me to come over and bring the baby. while i was there, i sent her a text. a little while later, she sends me one back that says something like 'sorry we were sleeping'. i tell her that i'm off the next day and she said she works until 2:30 but that should work and put a bunch of exclamation points behind it.
the next day, i send her a text message to see if we're still on to go eat. she replies with 'i don't know. my mom's aunt is in here dying so we'll see.' (she works in a hospital). so i just told her that there was a mix up with my bank and i didn't have any money but told her when i get paid the next time and to let me know.
i left it open so it would be on her.

and honestly, i thought that was a poor excuse to cancel. or to put it off.

and i've tried letting this go. i've tried making excuses and thinking of 'well, maybe it's this or maybe it's that'.. for example:
i've thought maybe she thinks i'm neglecting her or
maybe it has something to do with the situation with her mom..
i honestly can't think of anything else it could be...

she used to always say that i'm her best friend and we're so much alike and she would do anything for me and this and that. but when she does survey's, a question will ask who her best friend is. **now, if you ask me, i tend to include her in my list of best friends** she always puts people that she hasn't known that long, or that she never talked to before. i don't get it.

can someone help me understand what is going on? am i right in thinking like i do? i'm so confused..

and i can't let it go.
i've prayed and prayed about it.

no, i haven't talked to her, but i probably never will because that's just the way i am. if someone wrongs me or hurts me, i won't say anything to them because i HATE conflict that much. and normally when i've done it in the past, i've been burned with it. because people have made me feel stupid and embarrass me and when that happens, i NEVER forget. so i just avoid the situation altogether.

so if you have any comments, let me know?! PLEASE

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

mr. barack

i liked it. =]

can't wait til 9!

the closer january 31st is, the more anxious i become to get out of here! out of this job, even out of this state. i'm going to miss my family, church, and some friends like crazy but everyone and everything else... GOODBYE!!!! i'm actually getting excited to move.

as much as i'm going to miss my family, i couldn't handle not being with daniel. it would be way too hard.

we've decided that we're going to start working out when we get to illinois. maybe not working out, but getting active anyway. doing SOMETHING. he'll play soccer, and i think i might give it a try. i'm the type of person, well, i HATE sports. i don't do anything. i'm lazy, but it's easy for me to maintain my weight. since i had danny, my weight has gone up so much, and i can maintain it, but i'd like to lose to get down to what i was originally.. it's just getting there.
my goal is to lose 70 pounds.. that would be WONDERFUL.. i'd feel so much better about myself. but baby steps for now.

back to work =[

Saturday, January 17, 2009

prayer request!

i stumbled on this blog today:

from this blog:
who's blog i love to read...
they really need prayer!!

who does that?!?!

so, here it is saturday and i'm at work. stuck here til 5 o'clock. which normally on a saturday, if we work them, we're only here from 8 -1. i work in a collection department, so i'm calling people all day long, and a lot of the time, they're screaming at me YAY.

i cannot wait to get off work today! i have the next two days off, and monday, me and daniel are going to the movies. one of my christmas presents that i just recently got was $50 in a card from one of my very best friends, barbie, and she said that the only stipulation with it was that me and daniel have to go treat ourselves with it. that was SO NICE of her! so monday, we're going to the movies and out to eat. i don't know what movie yet, i think daniel wants to see my bloody valentine 3D -to that i say PUKE.. i don't really want to, but i would like to see 7 pounds (the new will smith movie) and there were one or two more i wanted to see, but i can't think of the name of them right off...

well, i'm finishing lunch, so i'm going to close for now..

Friday, January 16, 2009

crazy schedule

you know, in a way, i'm relieved we're moving. this schedule just does not work for me since i had danny. i don't know how the people who have kids do this!

and another thing that seems weird to me is how people get sick of their kids. i kind of understand getting tired and needing a break from where i spend time with lisa and her THREE kids. it gets hectic and you get tired and there's just so much going on and you DO need a break... but i just can't get enough of my baby!! i think this schedule makes me enjoy and appreciate every second i get to spend with him and i'm realizing that more and more every day. that's ONE good thing about this job, maybe about the only thing besides the benefits and the pay.
i just really want a job where i work monday through friday, 8-5, or something close to that.

i'm soooo sleepy!

it was really cold this morning, about 3degrees. i started the car earlier than normal.. and my curling iron broke! well, it just wouldn't turn on.. i guess you would consider that 'broke'. anyway, i couldn't find my backup one so my hair is looking pretty GREAT today.

i can't wait to go home. 8-1 today. BUT 8-5 tomorrow, then we're off sunday and monday YAY! gosh, i miss my baby danny and my honey daniel.

well, i'm off to make some calls..

Thursday, January 15, 2009


early day today! 8 - 5 and it's almost time to go home!

i WILL be here tomorrow... and i'll be online yay for internet at work!

button, button, who's got the BUTTON??

button contest!

i hope i win!

Monday, January 12, 2009

just one more.. then goodnight!

my cousin marjorie's baby: Brody Malachai

new year's eve at lisa's with breanne, jazmyn, and nathaniel

jazmyn and breanne

breanne, me, and jazmyn

danny with his cousin alexa
he's in his walker daniel's parents got him..
he's still a little small for it, but he'll grow into it! =]

and some more...

christmas in illinois

the snow... holy cow

danny with his abuelo's hat on