Saturday, January 17, 2009

who does that?!?!

so, here it is saturday and i'm at work. stuck here til 5 o'clock. which normally on a saturday, if we work them, we're only here from 8 -1. i work in a collection department, so i'm calling people all day long, and a lot of the time, they're screaming at me YAY.

i cannot wait to get off work today! i have the next two days off, and monday, me and daniel are going to the movies. one of my christmas presents that i just recently got was $50 in a card from one of my very best friends, barbie, and she said that the only stipulation with it was that me and daniel have to go treat ourselves with it. that was SO NICE of her! so monday, we're going to the movies and out to eat. i don't know what movie yet, i think daniel wants to see my bloody valentine 3D -to that i say PUKE.. i don't really want to, but i would like to see 7 pounds (the new will smith movie) and there were one or two more i wanted to see, but i can't think of the name of them right off...

well, i'm finishing lunch, so i'm going to close for now..

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