Wednesday, January 28, 2009

this weather!

i had all intentions of going to work yesterday, but the roads were all covered, i had my mom, my sister, and two friends calling me saying i shouldn't even attempt it. so i didn't. i called off. and it felt GOOD.. i got to spend all day with my boys and did NOTHING. it was wonderful!

then last night, i looked outside and it was all ICE. it had frozen and a big, sloppy mess. so i called last night and left a voicemail saying i wouldn't be there today either.

i drive a little car and i really don't need to have an accident.

i took a picture of my steps on my phone, but my phone is dumb and i can't send it to myself to put on here. i wish i would've taken more. oh well... there'll be more snow in illinois, i'm sure.

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Denise said...

Hey! As far as making your own food, there are all kinds of ways to do it...I would recommend the book "Super Baby Food!' What I do is I purchase whatever Parker likes. For example, bananas, what I did was sliced up 3 bananas and put them in the blender, I think I added about a cup of water...and pureed it. Then I took some baby food containers (you know the kind you get from the store, the plastic ones? when we are done, I clean them and use them for my own...) and I poor it in there and freeze it. Or say for carrots, I cook the carrots so they are tender....puree them in them. I know in some cases you can do like ice cube trays...put the food in there, one ice cube is just about an oz!

It's pretty simple, then again, I am only on stage 1 fruits and veggies. I can't imagine what it might be like when he gets older.