Friday, January 30, 2009

tomorrow's the day!

my last day of work is tomorrow.. and i'm a little anxious and nervous but i'm excited too! i get to spend everyday with danny! it's going to be so great. i didn't work on tuesday or wednesday because of the weather and i got to be with him those two days -all day- and it was wonderful.

and he's sick, so it makes me want to be with him that much more.

school is closed in my county. again. for the 4th day in a row. and then they have the weekend off... it just kinda blows my mind! one drop of snow and SCHOOL'S CANCELLED! of course, if i were in school, i would be stoked about it..

on my way to work this morning, like almost EVERY morning, i was getting so aggrevated. i cannot STAND when i'm driving. other people get on my LAST nerve. i have road rage (i guess you would call it that), to the point where i seriously think about pulling people out of their cars and beating the crap out of them! i really have a problem with that, and i wish i wasn't like that but COME ON.
i understand when the weather is bad, you shouldn't be driving like it's normal weather conditions. BUT when there's snow on the ground and you see someone in front of you, and the snow is blowing off the road from under their car, it's a pretty safe bet that you can go a LITTLE FASTER THAN 50 in the PASSING LANE!!!!!

and then there's semi's. who are going faster than the semi in front of them, so they pass. in front of a car that's doing 75-80, and that car has to slow down to 65. IN THE PASSING LANE!!!

OH and here's a good one.
in my town, they put in a turn right arrow light in a couple/few years ago. and some people WILL NOT GO unless that arrow is on. there's no sign saying 'no turn on red' and people still JUST SIT THERE. or if it's green, they look to the left to see if anything is coming.

as i've gotten older, it seems more and more things just get on my nerves. i get so mad and i get hateful. i don't say anything to anyone's face because i guess the way i was raised, and i'm a big chicken, but i should say something because they can see it all over my face. you can tell any emotion i have. i'm an open book when it comes to that.

one time, i went to a gas station and i was getting some beer. and i just got 3 singles. it was stupid on my part because i put all of them under one arm (i was carrying something else in my other hand). right before i get up to the counter, the middle one dropped out of my arm and i thought it was going to SHATTER everywhere. but it just kinda made the top come loose. anyway, beer started coming out the top. i hurried and put the rest of the stuff on the counter.
i picked up the bottle that dropped and -tried to- hand it to the woman behind the counter. i said, because beer was running out of the bottle all over the floor and my hand, 'what do you want me to do with this?' (i don't know if it was because there was a guy she had been flirting with that was standing there) she looks at me and says, 'well, you're going to have to pay for the one that's broken.'
by this time, i was getting highly irritated, and i was ready to sit the bottle on the floor and let the beer run all over the place, or better yet, sit it down on the counter. HARD.
you could hear the irritation in my voice when i told her, 'I KNOW THAT but what do you want me to do with this?'
all the while, holding the bottle out to her, but making sure i didn't hold it over the counter and get beer on it so she wouldn't have to take 2 minutes out of her precious flirting time to wipe it up....
she FINALLY took it from me.

i walked back to the cooler and started feeling guilty for talking to her like that! i just kept kicking myself for being mean to her. and i really wasn't.... but i felt bad.
which is how i am. i say something the least bit out of the way, or even if it's not and someone says 'i can't believe you said that' or something to that effect, it makes me feel SO BAD..
it's really not hard to make me feel guilty.

so i get back up to the counter with the new, unbusted bottle of beer (making sure i kept a good hold on it so this one didn't fall to the floor as well) . i apologized to the woman... SERIOUSLY EMMA, she's the one that had a lapse of not using her brain, not you!!! but i did. cause i felt bad. because of what i said.

i need to get more of a backbone and then NOT feel bad about it!


Vic said...

That backbone thing is hard to come by. Mine disappears pretty regularly. I enjoy your writing!

Two Blessings From Above said...

I have a bad case of road rage too. I think it comes from growing up in California and all the drivers driving so fast out there. I need to relax when behind the wheel and drive slower. Have fun tomorrow and enjoy your last day working there.

Vic said...

I gave you an award - come by and get it! (Hope you have a great weekend)