Saturday, January 31, 2009

the last day...

it was good, but sad =[..
i got all these emails from people saying they would miss me.. i got a little teary-eyed.
here's some pictures that were taken today:

me and Candace.. i look HUGE next to her!

me and Quitta

me and Darlene

me and Vicky

i'm really going to miss these people.. they made it better for me to go to work everyday. but i just couldn't keep being away from danny 12 hours a day! they all understood and even if they didn't, it really wouldn't matter.
plus, even though most of them there don't know it, but i'm still moving.. can't change that either


where is everyone?

if this is any indication of how today is going to go...

did i seriously put my pants on backwards this morning??

Friday, January 30, 2009

i got an award!

from Vic
thank you so much! my very first award, you are so sweet!
go check out her blog, she's quite entertaining.
go me

tomorrow's the day!

my last day of work is tomorrow.. and i'm a little anxious and nervous but i'm excited too! i get to spend everyday with danny! it's going to be so great. i didn't work on tuesday or wednesday because of the weather and i got to be with him those two days -all day- and it was wonderful.

and he's sick, so it makes me want to be with him that much more.

school is closed in my county. again. for the 4th day in a row. and then they have the weekend off... it just kinda blows my mind! one drop of snow and SCHOOL'S CANCELLED! of course, if i were in school, i would be stoked about it..

on my way to work this morning, like almost EVERY morning, i was getting so aggrevated. i cannot STAND when i'm driving. other people get on my LAST nerve. i have road rage (i guess you would call it that), to the point where i seriously think about pulling people out of their cars and beating the crap out of them! i really have a problem with that, and i wish i wasn't like that but COME ON.
i understand when the weather is bad, you shouldn't be driving like it's normal weather conditions. BUT when there's snow on the ground and you see someone in front of you, and the snow is blowing off the road from under their car, it's a pretty safe bet that you can go a LITTLE FASTER THAN 50 in the PASSING LANE!!!!!

and then there's semi's. who are going faster than the semi in front of them, so they pass. in front of a car that's doing 75-80, and that car has to slow down to 65. IN THE PASSING LANE!!!

OH and here's a good one.
in my town, they put in a turn right arrow light in a couple/few years ago. and some people WILL NOT GO unless that arrow is on. there's no sign saying 'no turn on red' and people still JUST SIT THERE. or if it's green, they look to the left to see if anything is coming.

as i've gotten older, it seems more and more things just get on my nerves. i get so mad and i get hateful. i don't say anything to anyone's face because i guess the way i was raised, and i'm a big chicken, but i should say something because they can see it all over my face. you can tell any emotion i have. i'm an open book when it comes to that.

one time, i went to a gas station and i was getting some beer. and i just got 3 singles. it was stupid on my part because i put all of them under one arm (i was carrying something else in my other hand). right before i get up to the counter, the middle one dropped out of my arm and i thought it was going to SHATTER everywhere. but it just kinda made the top come loose. anyway, beer started coming out the top. i hurried and put the rest of the stuff on the counter.
i picked up the bottle that dropped and -tried to- hand it to the woman behind the counter. i said, because beer was running out of the bottle all over the floor and my hand, 'what do you want me to do with this?' (i don't know if it was because there was a guy she had been flirting with that was standing there) she looks at me and says, 'well, you're going to have to pay for the one that's broken.'
by this time, i was getting highly irritated, and i was ready to sit the bottle on the floor and let the beer run all over the place, or better yet, sit it down on the counter. HARD.
you could hear the irritation in my voice when i told her, 'I KNOW THAT but what do you want me to do with this?'
all the while, holding the bottle out to her, but making sure i didn't hold it over the counter and get beer on it so she wouldn't have to take 2 minutes out of her precious flirting time to wipe it up....
she FINALLY took it from me.

i walked back to the cooler and started feeling guilty for talking to her like that! i just kept kicking myself for being mean to her. and i really wasn't.... but i felt bad.
which is how i am. i say something the least bit out of the way, or even if it's not and someone says 'i can't believe you said that' or something to that effect, it makes me feel SO BAD..
it's really not hard to make me feel guilty.

so i get back up to the counter with the new, unbusted bottle of beer (making sure i kept a good hold on it so this one didn't fall to the floor as well) . i apologized to the woman... SERIOUSLY EMMA, she's the one that had a lapse of not using her brain, not you!!! but i did. cause i felt bad. because of what i said.

i need to get more of a backbone and then NOT feel bad about it!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

almost there!

it's almost saturday, which means... my LAST DAY OF WORK! it's happy but sad in a way because i don't particularly HATE this job, and i'm going to miss a lot of the people here.

daniel asked me when i wanted to leave, and he said something about leaving this weekend... HOLY CRAP, NO!!! i at least want to wait til after (my sister) lisa's birthday. it's february 7th.

and Ripley got a LITTLE CAESAR'S YAY.. because the ONE thing that place needs is yet ANOTHER pizza place! like we don't have ENOUGH:
Pizza Hut
Fat Albert's
Village Pizza
and now...
Little Caesar's

and here i go. back to work. yay.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

this weather!

i had all intentions of going to work yesterday, but the roads were all covered, i had my mom, my sister, and two friends calling me saying i shouldn't even attempt it. so i didn't. i called off. and it felt GOOD.. i got to spend all day with my boys and did NOTHING. it was wonderful!

then last night, i looked outside and it was all ICE. it had frozen and a big, sloppy mess. so i called last night and left a voicemail saying i wouldn't be there today either.

i drive a little car and i really don't need to have an accident.

i took a picture of my steps on my phone, but my phone is dumb and i can't send it to myself to put on here. i wish i would've taken more. oh well... there'll be more snow in illinois, i'm sure.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


he doesn't look quite as thrilled as i do..

big boy holding his sippy cup =]

daddy calls this one eminem

this is one of the pictures i have hanging up at my desk at work

Sunday, January 25, 2009

confused and concerned... =[

i've been thinking about something for the past few months...
about 3 years ago or so, i was friends with this girl. we were really really close, and did everything together. we both worked, but when we weren't working, we were either going out to eat, or going out to clubs dancing, hanging out at each other's houses, and i would even go to her work and sit with her sometimes.
i was helped out by her mom with some money, and when she offered it to me (through my friend), i told her that i didn't know what i would be able to pay or when i would be able to pay it. she said that was fine, but she knew i needed it and she was ok with it.

so i ended up making like 2 payments to her, and haven't since. that was back in 2006. i know, i know. trust me, I KNOW how it sounds, and i know what it actually is.. but i've been in and out of a job, and there have been other things that have come up, but honestly, i know there's no excuse in that. her mom hasn't said anything to me, and neither has she.

so over the next year or so, we started drifting apart a little. that's about the same time i started dating daniel, and i also got a good job. my time wasn't as free as it had been. she has a baby and we did things with her too.
during this time, she also got a job, so her time wasn't as free either.

lately, especially in the past year and a half, she's been acting weird. for instance, the latest thing that happened was that i had told her thru a text message that i was moving in february and that we need to get together before i go.
***when we would go out to eat before, there were always 2 places we would go.. the chinese restaurant and the mexican restaurant. so anytime we talk about going out to eat, we go to one of the two places, just alternate them.**
she sent me a text message that said we needed to go to the chinese place, and we sent texts back and forth saying things like 'let me know when you have a day off' and things like that.
finally, the other day, i had sent her a message saying that i got off work at 1 on friday, and she said she was off, but her little girl had preschool screening that day, and she wasn't sure what time it would be overwith (which that in itself was just one of the weird things she does, i thought because with it being a preschool screening, there's no way it would have went longer than 3 or 4, at the latest 5.. but anyway...). i told her to let me know when it was over.

so friday comes and after i got off work, about 3:30, i went to one of my good friend's houses because they're always telling me to come over and bring the baby. while i was there, i sent her a text. a little while later, she sends me one back that says something like 'sorry we were sleeping'. i tell her that i'm off the next day and she said she works until 2:30 but that should work and put a bunch of exclamation points behind it.
the next day, i send her a text message to see if we're still on to go eat. she replies with 'i don't know. my mom's aunt is in here dying so we'll see.' (she works in a hospital). so i just told her that there was a mix up with my bank and i didn't have any money but told her when i get paid the next time and to let me know.
i left it open so it would be on her.

and honestly, i thought that was a poor excuse to cancel. or to put it off.

and i've tried letting this go. i've tried making excuses and thinking of 'well, maybe it's this or maybe it's that'.. for example:
i've thought maybe she thinks i'm neglecting her or
maybe it has something to do with the situation with her mom..
i honestly can't think of anything else it could be...

she used to always say that i'm her best friend and we're so much alike and she would do anything for me and this and that. but when she does survey's, a question will ask who her best friend is. **now, if you ask me, i tend to include her in my list of best friends** she always puts people that she hasn't known that long, or that she never talked to before. i don't get it.

can someone help me understand what is going on? am i right in thinking like i do? i'm so confused..

and i can't let it go.
i've prayed and prayed about it.

no, i haven't talked to her, but i probably never will because that's just the way i am. if someone wrongs me or hurts me, i won't say anything to them because i HATE conflict that much. and normally when i've done it in the past, i've been burned with it. because people have made me feel stupid and embarrass me and when that happens, i NEVER forget. so i just avoid the situation altogether.

so if you have any comments, let me know?! PLEASE

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

mr. barack

i liked it. =]

can't wait til 9!

the closer january 31st is, the more anxious i become to get out of here! out of this job, even out of this state. i'm going to miss my family, church, and some friends like crazy but everyone and everything else... GOODBYE!!!! i'm actually getting excited to move.

as much as i'm going to miss my family, i couldn't handle not being with daniel. it would be way too hard.

we've decided that we're going to start working out when we get to illinois. maybe not working out, but getting active anyway. doing SOMETHING. he'll play soccer, and i think i might give it a try. i'm the type of person, well, i HATE sports. i don't do anything. i'm lazy, but it's easy for me to maintain my weight. since i had danny, my weight has gone up so much, and i can maintain it, but i'd like to lose to get down to what i was originally.. it's just getting there.
my goal is to lose 70 pounds.. that would be WONDERFUL.. i'd feel so much better about myself. but baby steps for now.

back to work =[

Saturday, January 17, 2009

prayer request!

i stumbled on this blog today:

from this blog:
who's blog i love to read...
they really need prayer!!

who does that?!?!

so, here it is saturday and i'm at work. stuck here til 5 o'clock. which normally on a saturday, if we work them, we're only here from 8 -1. i work in a collection department, so i'm calling people all day long, and a lot of the time, they're screaming at me YAY.

i cannot wait to get off work today! i have the next two days off, and monday, me and daniel are going to the movies. one of my christmas presents that i just recently got was $50 in a card from one of my very best friends, barbie, and she said that the only stipulation with it was that me and daniel have to go treat ourselves with it. that was SO NICE of her! so monday, we're going to the movies and out to eat. i don't know what movie yet, i think daniel wants to see my bloody valentine 3D -to that i say PUKE.. i don't really want to, but i would like to see 7 pounds (the new will smith movie) and there were one or two more i wanted to see, but i can't think of the name of them right off...

well, i'm finishing lunch, so i'm going to close for now..

Friday, January 16, 2009

crazy schedule

you know, in a way, i'm relieved we're moving. this schedule just does not work for me since i had danny. i don't know how the people who have kids do this!

and another thing that seems weird to me is how people get sick of their kids. i kind of understand getting tired and needing a break from where i spend time with lisa and her THREE kids. it gets hectic and you get tired and there's just so much going on and you DO need a break... but i just can't get enough of my baby!! i think this schedule makes me enjoy and appreciate every second i get to spend with him and i'm realizing that more and more every day. that's ONE good thing about this job, maybe about the only thing besides the benefits and the pay.
i just really want a job where i work monday through friday, 8-5, or something close to that.

i'm soooo sleepy!

it was really cold this morning, about 3degrees. i started the car earlier than normal.. and my curling iron broke! well, it just wouldn't turn on.. i guess you would consider that 'broke'. anyway, i couldn't find my backup one so my hair is looking pretty GREAT today.

i can't wait to go home. 8-1 today. BUT 8-5 tomorrow, then we're off sunday and monday YAY! gosh, i miss my baby danny and my honey daniel.

well, i'm off to make some calls..

Thursday, January 15, 2009


early day today! 8 - 5 and it's almost time to go home!

i WILL be here tomorrow... and i'll be online yay for internet at work!

button, button, who's got the BUTTON??

button contest!

i hope i win!

Monday, January 12, 2009

just one more.. then goodnight!

my cousin marjorie's baby: Brody Malachai

new year's eve at lisa's with breanne, jazmyn, and nathaniel

jazmyn and breanne

breanne, me, and jazmyn

danny with his cousin alexa
he's in his walker daniel's parents got him..
he's still a little small for it, but he'll grow into it! =]

and some more...

christmas in illinois

the snow... holy cow

danny with his abuelo's hat on

some friends...

my good friend terri with danny and my nephew, nathaniel

amanda and danny

stacy with her daughter, julie, and danny

more pictures

i love this picture!

the day we came home

on the way to illinois for christmas

i get this face almost every time he cries

[= some pictures =]

Daddy Daniel and Danny

Santa Danny

'what's up?'

i actually got a smile!!!

work work WORK =[

swear i feel like all i get done doing is working. i miss my baby so much! i love and cherish every minute i get to spend with him, even when he wakes up hungry in the middle of the night. and i enjoy all the time i get to spend with daniel too.

i can't believe we're leaving so soon! it's right around teh corner. i thought about it today and almost lost it, but hurried up and started thinking about something else so i wouldn't start crying. i really hate to leave my mom and sister and her kids. but i'm going to try to come back to west virginia as much as i can...

ok, going home.. i'll try to update tomorrow!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

it's been so long!

not only have i been working, but i have also been training a new girl, and i was rarely online while i was at home.
my christmas was really good, daniel and i decided to go to illinois to spend christmas there with his family. we left on december 20, and came back early in the morning on december 27.
then for new year, we stayed at lisa's. i really wanted to spend at least one night there because breanne always asks ALL through the year if i'm going to stay the night at her house on christmas. well, this year i wasn't even in west virginia to stay with her, and i hated doing that to her.

we also decided that we are moving to illinois to live in february. i've already told the landlord that we'll be gone by the middle of february.. i'm scared to death to tell my boss and here's why:
when i was pregnant and i had to take all that time off work, there was only ONE person that fought against having me fired. granted, me being off work wasn't my fault--the doctor wrote me off work because i was way too sick to be there. well, my boss (the one that i have to tell i'm leaving) is the only one that (like i said before) that fought to keep me employed here. he was dead set against it because honestly, i'm a good worker.
i'm just scared to death to tell him because i just came back in october. so i've been here for 3 months and then i'll be leaving... he's going to be so upset! i'm putting it off until the 15th.. that should give him plenty of time.... =[

i've come to appreciate being home a lot more. it used to be that i would be home and be online a lot. but now, since i've been working, i RARELY ever get online anymore unless i've been home for at least 2 days in a row. i just miss my baby so much! and being with daniel. it's made me realize how precious time with them is. i hope when we move to illinois that i find a job that i work thru the day, monday thru friday and have the weekends off, and i hope daniel does too. i also hope it doesn't take me very long to find a job there.

wish me luck! and thank you to everyone who left me messages during my extended absence! =][=