Saturday, April 4, 2009

while he sleeps...

where to start...?

things haven't been EXTREMELY hectic, but busy enough.

i lost the usb cord that transfers my pictures from digital camera to the computer :'(. i can't believe it!! i guess it happened when i moved the computer, but i have absolutely no idea where it is! i guess i could get a cd, but if anyone has any ideas that would be easier, or how i could get another cord without paying an arm and a leg for it, PLEASE let me know!

my dad went back in the hospital last week on wednesday, i think. i called him everyday from friday to tuesday. then wednesday, his birthday (yeah, he's an april fool's baby) i try to call, and there's no answer. the several times i try, NO answer. then on thursday, the same thing. so i text my aunt (his sister) and that's how i find out he got out on wednesday. nice of someone to let me know! i was pretty upset about that, mainly because of their attitude towards me. that's a whole 'nother story....

daniel's sister's quincinera was last saturday. she looked SOOO pretty. we all dressed up, and danny and daniel were both in suits. they were so handsome! and i took lots of pictures, but without the cord, i can't put any on here yet :(. today, daniel's cousin got married, but we skipped out on going to the wedding.... i think we were a little overloaded on dancing from last weekend haha.

danny started crawling on april 2! it was so exciting! i got it on the video on my digital camera!! AND the same day, he was in his bed (which is a pack 'n' play, and he sleeps in the bassinet in it), and he pulled himself up to a standing position! first time for that too! i just had to call my mom and sister and tell them. they were excited.
i need to get him a real baby book. i had this idea when i was pregnant to get a scrapbook and make it myself, but i'm entirely too lazy for that. i saw a baby book at wal mart for $10, but it doesn't have very many pages in it, so i need to go somewhere else that might have more pages in it.

i've been (halfway) trying to lose weight... and my friend told me she was going to mail me one of her zumba dvd's! i cannot wait to get it. she mailed it on the 1st. i hope it gets here soon.... i can't wait to start.

i've also been playing guitar hero. i'm becoming pretty good at it. i'm a ROCKSTAR, man. hahahahaa

i'm also trying to find a job still. i put in an application at starbucks yesterday. then daniel's oldest sister told me that the hospital and clinic are hiring. i'm going there first thing monday morning... well, maybe around 9 or 10. i'm not getting up REAL early.

i think that's about it... i know i haven't posted for a while, i've been in quite a funk... i think i'm homesick. but i'm hoping to go visit my mom and sister next weekend. i really really want to. i hope i can talk daniel into it (because i'm scared to drive by myself). i don't think daniel will want me driving all that way by myself, so hopefully i'll be able to talk him into it... we'll see!

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