Tuesday, April 28, 2009

doctor appointment and other stuff

danny's been sick since he got his first tooth... it started 2 days before he turned 8 months, and that was the 9th. so we're talking almost 3 weeks. we took him to his pediatrician today. the pediatrician said he's got a virus that can last 3-4 weeks and he should be getting better soon. he's not as bad as he was, so he's been getting better very gradually, but of course i was just worried because the symptoms were just hanging on and hanging on.

and come to find out, he hasn't had his 6 month shots, so when we go back next week, he has to have those. i hope he does as good as he has in the past with shots. he never really cried a whole lot.

we went to the chinese place and ate. i feel kinda guilty when we go out to eat cause neither of us have a job.. but we don't do it often. oh well... something's gotta come up soon!

so does anyone agree that ryan gosling and charles kelly look alike??
ryan gosling(from The Notebook) and charles kelly (from the group Lady Antebellum)
the notebook was on the other day and while i was watching it, i kept thinking about what he would sound like when he sings. and i thought of charles kelly....
just like when i see anything with tyra banks, i think she must sing like beyonce. i don't know why.

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