Wednesday, February 11, 2009

since danny's sleeping

alexis.. not sure what that face is about..

Breanne.. not sure what THAT face is about either

he just loves me SOO much haha

me and Breanne

the past week (or so) has been pretty fun.
(my sister) lisa's birthday was this past saturday and me and my mom took her to the outback. it was really good (of course) and daniel actually went, he usually never wants to go anywhere.
he got a steak and just couldn't believe how good it was. he'd only ever been there one time and didn't have steak. lisa had a pretty good time, too.

it's getting closer...... we're going to be moving. it's becoming an actuality now and i'm getting pretty nervous. BUT i do have something to look forward to.. one of my very best friends that i've had since my senior year in high school (i graduated in '99) is coming to visit me.. for the 3rd time.. from JAPAN! she was an exchange student, and we email and write each other. she had talked about it, and i got an email that i read today that said she is coming in august! she bought her ticket! i can't wait. i just LOVE it when she comes to see me, it makes me feel so good because she's here to see me. that's why she comes SO FAR. it makes me feel special.

i'm going to spend the night with my mom one night and with lisa and the kids one night before we move. i'm getting really anxious as it gets closer. almost to the point that i don't want to go, but i know it's only because i'll be out of my comfort zone. and i'll be so far away from my family.
i HATE the mixed messages i get from people....
some people say 'it'll be good to get out of here for you', or something to that effect
and then some people say 'well you'll be so far away! what if you don't find a job? where are you going to stay?'

it just aggrevates me so much! just let me be! let me live my life, and you live yours. maybe if you'd focus on YOUR life and not MINE, maybe you'd be a little happier!

i went the other day with terri, her and her daughter were getting pictures taken and they wanted danny to be in the pictures. so i went and took him and they ended up putting me in them too. it was so sweet! i just love terri! she's great. we've had our ups and downs, but she's actually a TRUE friend, which there aren't many, even when you think you have them.
i'm going to try to get the pictures we had taken on here, but i don't have a scanner so i doubt i'll be able to.

i tried to get boxes on monday, but the guy at the dollar store told me to come back wednesday, early afternoon.
so i did. about 25 after 12. i went there, and guess what? NO BOXES. the woman that's worked there forever (that i worked with cause i worked there a few years ago) said that he knows that the truck takes the empty boxes they have, and she doesn't know why he told me to come back that late. GRRR... so i've been looking for a store that'll just give me some boxes. you would think they wouldn't care to get rid of them!

i think that's about it... if i think of anything else, i'll update.

by the way, the USA/Mexico soccer game is on, so daniel is pretty into that... and of course, he's hoping for MEXICO to win!

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