Tuesday, May 26, 2009

i suck

i need to really start updating more.

i'm hoping that with that job i got, it'll be like my last job and i can get online while i'm at work, that way i can update while i'm there. but i don't know. i don't want to mess it up.

i also finally got on twitter. i didn't really get it at first, but now i'm getting it and i love it! i don't have many followers, but i guess that'll happen in time. this is me on twitter.
my friend amanda is going to have her baby on monday. i'm so excited! she's in florida... i wish i could be there, but i can't :( so i guess i'll have to settle for pictures! and i can't wait to see them!

i celebrated my birthday on sunday. we had a cookout and cake and all that. it was really fun.
my mom sent me a package from her and lisa. it had two things i really wanted! rascal flatts new cd, and the movie Twilight. i love it!!

they thought it would be funny to shove my face in the cake.

it was. and they got me good.

so we decided to do it to danny...

and he liked it!

he was also really diggin' the ribs.

it was really fun! i would post more pictures, but it's such a pain in the butt for me to do that. if anyone has any tips on how to post pictures on here more easily, PLEASE let me know!


Two Blessings From Above said...

Looks like you all enjoyed the cake! YUM!

I joined facebook in Feb. and have not been keeping up with blogging like I should. I have no idea what twitter is. I don't think I can handle one more thing though.

Your little boy is growing up fast. I see a big difference already in just the little time I have been following you site.
Enjoy twitter.

Jennifer and Sandi said...


- Jennifer