Friday, June 12, 2009

i had a great time

so my sister has been going through a REALLY rough time and needed to get away, so she came to see me! what better place but here! even though it was a 9 hour drive (and it takes daniel 12 because he's just used to that way... i told him we're not going that way anymore, it's TOO LONG). anyway, she got here tuesday night around 10 and stayed until this morning. i think she had fun. i know i did! i hope she feels a little better too. i'm worried about her :(

wednesday, we went to some places close to here and around town. then wednesday evening, we went to church. i'm really happy cause she's been going to church more with our mom. and she went with me wednesday. then yesterday, we went to the mall (it's only about 10 minutes away). it's HUGE so we spent a while there.

daniel's been working for that collection place and i'll start working on the 22nd, which is the monday after next. i got the call earlier this week. i'm so excited! i knew i had it, but i got the confirmation call. it'll be so nice to have two incomes again. i'm really hoping to get a good amount of savings. i think we can do it.

danny is doing really good. he's getting so big and so cute. i can't believe i made someone so perfect! i know everyone thinks that about their children, but i really have an unbelievably wonderful baby! he is so good. people make remarks about it a lot, like at church.. people just come up to me and tell me how good he is. i'm so lucky and thankful!


Two Blessings From Above said...

Hope your first day of work was perfect!

Vic said...

I love those pictures!!!
They get big so fast, it's amazing.