Friday, November 21, 2008

just a little background...


let me start off my giving a little background about myself.

i'm 27 years old, i currently live in west virginia, where i grew up. i plan on moving to illinois soon, but that's a whole other story that i'll save for another post. i'm also starting to realize how important God is and has been in my life, and i'm trying to make the right changes so that i can be a better servant for him. i'm nowhere near perfect and i'll never try to claim to be. i just want to be the best i can be for my Lord and Savior.

i like it here in west virginia, but that's all i know. i've never lived anywhere else BUT here. and i was never one of those kids in school that wanted to get away as fast as i could. i really never understood the wanting of that, either. i understood why, kind of, because there's really NOTHING to do here. but anyway...

i try my hardest everyday, especially lately, to be a better person than yesterday. i don't like using capital letters when i type or text.

i love: GOD
to eat.
the fall.
how it looks and feels just before it rains.
to make those closest to me happy.
my family.
giraffes! (i have a crazy almost obsession with them)
dollar stores.
gas station food.
english toffee cappuccino.
doing well at my job.

i can't stand:
slow drivers.
driving, period.
most people.
being sick.
harsh truth.
when people act like they're better than other people.
the hours i work at my job.
hurting people.
music being too loud.
being hot.
being uncomfortable in any way.

in my life there are things that i'm very proud of, and things i'm not proud of. i've had different boyfriends, some i've lived with and once had a miscarriage, which really had an effect on me.
i am a sister and a daughter and i am very close to my family. my sister, lisa, is a little older than me, and she has 3 beautiful, wonderful children who i absolutely adore! there's breanne, who just turned 6, alexis, who's 4, and nathaniel, who's 3.

right now, i am the VERY proud mother of a gorgeous 3 month old baby boy who is the light of my life, along with his daddy. i am more in love with him every day.

i don't know how often i'll be able to update, but i'm going to try to update often, because i think it's good therapy. i really doubt anyone will read what i have to say, much less be interested, but i'm basically doing this for me. so if you ARE one of the few that might read this, thank you and i hope i don't bore you too much.

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